29th – Screven Motor Speedway ASCOC – 19th

30th – Screven Motor Speedway ASCOC – DNQ


3rd-Volusia Speedway Park ASCOC – 9th

4th-Volusia Speedway Park ASCOC – 5th

5th-Volusia Speedway Park WoO – 17th

6th-Volusia Speedway Park WoO – RAIN

7th-Volusia Speedway Park WoO – 2nd

20th-Lincoln Speedway – SNOW

27th-Lincoln Speedway – 21st


6th-Lincoln Speedway – 6th

7th-Port Royal Speedway – COLD

13th-Lincoln Speedway – WON

14th-Williams Grove Speedway – 10th

19th-Williams Grove Speedway – COLD?

20th-Lincoln Speedway – 4th

26th-Williams Grove Speedway – 9th

27th-Port Royal Speedway – 3rd

28th-Selinsgrove Speedway – RAIN


2nd-Williams Grove Speedway – RAIN

3rd-Lincoln Speedway – 2nd

6th-Bridgeport Speedway – 8th

9th-Williams Grove Speedway – RAIN?

10th-Port Royal Speedway – 4th

10th-Lincoln Speedway – 11th

11th-BAPS Motor Speedway – RAIN?

15th-Virginia Motor Speedway ASCOC – DNF

16th-Williams Grove Speedway ASCOC – DNF

17th-Port Royal Speedway – 6th

18th-Bedford Speedway ASCOC – 16th

23rd-Williams Grove Speedway – DNF

24th-Port Royal Speedway – 5th

25th-Selinsgrove Speedway – 4th

30th-Williams Grove Speedway – Rain


1st-Lincoln Speedway – 4th

2nd-BAPS Motor Speedway – 2nd

7th-Williams Grove Speedway – Rain

8th-Lincoln Speedway – 10th

12th-Lincoln Speedway WoO – 22nd

14th-Williams Grove Speedway WoO – 12th

15th-Williams Grove Speedway WoO – 15th

18th-Bridgeport Speedway WoO – 8th

21st-Williams Grove Speedway – RAIN

22nd-West Virginia Motor Speedway –

23rd-Kokomo Speedway ASCOC – 14th

28th-Williams Grove Speedway ASCOC – RAIN

31st-Port Royal Speedway ASCOC – 4th


3rd-BAPS Motor Speedway – RAIN

4th-Williams Grove Speedway – 3rd

5th-Lincoln Speedway – 7th

11th-Attica Raceway ASCOC – 6th

12th-Fremont Speedway ASCOC –  2nd

14th-Wayne County Speedway ASCOC – 11th

15th-Sharon Speedway ASCOC – WON

16th-Waynesfield Raceway ASCOC –

17th- Muskingum County Speedway ASCOC –

18th-Williams Grove Speedway

19th-Lincoln Speedway

25th-Williams Grove Speedway

26th-Lincoln Speedway

27th- BAPS Motor Speedway

28th-Lincoln Speedway

29th-Grandview Speedway

30th-Port Royal Speedway


1st-Hagerstown Speedway

2nd-Williams Grove Speedway

3rd-Port Royal Speedway

4th-Selinsgrove Speedway

9th-Williams Grove Speedway

10th-Sharon Speedway ASCOC

11th-Sharon Speedway ASCOC

16th-Williams Grove Speedway

17th-Lincoln Speedway

20th-Lernerville Speedway WoO

23rd-Williams Grove Speedway WoO

24th-Williams Grove Speedway WoO

30th-Williams Grove Speedway

31st-Port Royal Speedway


6th-Williams Grove Speedway

7th-West Virginia Motor Speedway

8th-Knoxville Raceway

9th-Southern Iowa Speedway

11th-Knoxville Nationals

12th Knoxville Nationals

13th-Knoxville Nationals

14th-Knoxville Nationals

20th-Williams Grove Speedway

21st-Lincoln Speedway

26th-Grandview Speedway ASCOC

27th-Williams Grove Speedway ASCOC

28th-Lincoln Speedway ASCOC

29th-BAPS Motor Speedway ASCOC


3rd-Williams Grove Speedway

4th-Port Royal Speedway

5th-Selinsgrove Speedway

6th-Port Royal Speedway

9th-Port Royal Speedway ASCOC

10th-Port Royal Speedway ASCOC

11th-Port Royal Speedway ASCOC

16th-BAPS Motor Speedway

17th-Williams Grove Speedway ASCOC

18th-Lincoln Speedway ASCOC

24th-Williams Grove Speedway

25th-Selinsgrove Speedway


1st-Williams Grove Speedway WoO

2nd-Williams Grove Speedway WoO

8th-Port Royal Speedway WoO

9th-Port Royal Speedway WoO

16th-Lincoln Speedway

23rd-BAPS Motor Speedway


4th- The Dirt Track at Charlotte WoO

5th- The Dirt Track at Charlotte WoO

6th- The Dirt Track at Charlotte WoO

13th-BAPS Motor Speedway

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Upcoming Races
  • 11th-Williams Grove Speedway

  • 12th-Lincoln Speedway

  • 14th-Wayne County Speedway ASCOC

  • 15th-Sharon Speedway ASCOC

  • 16th-Waynesfield Raceway ASCOC

  • 17th- Muskingum County Speedway ASCOC