New Look. New Merch. Big Agenda: Danny Dietrich set to launch massive 2022 campaign including busy February slate

GETTYSBURG, Pa. (January 23, 2022) – With their 2022 campaign activating in less than two weeks, “Double-D” Danny Dietrich and Gary Kauffman Racing are pleased unveil a new look for the coming season, set to make its official debut when the three-time Central PA Sprint Car Point Series champions unload for a two-day visit to Senoia Raceway in Senoia, Georgia, on Friday and Saturday, February 4-5. The Peach State double will feature the All Star Circuit of Champions and will award a total winner’s share equaling $18,000.

Dietrich, powered by Weikert’s Livestock, Sandoe’s Fruit Market, Pace Performance, Big Cove Whitetail Trophy Hunts, Drop Of Ink Tattoo, Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC, and Self Made Racing, will follow “America’s Series” during its entire February slate, which will continue with DIRTcar Nationals competition at Volusia Speedway Park on February 8-9, followed by another Florida doubleheader at East Bay Raceway Park on February 14-15. In addition, Dietrich plans to join the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series for their portion of Volusia’s DIRTcar Nationals on February 10-12.

Dietrich and Gary Kauffman Racing fans should be elated to discover that all-new “Double-D” merchandise is already available for purchase at

“We’re always anxious to unveil a new look. We like to keep things fresh while giving our fans something to be excited about. I think Ryan Taylor did a great job and I’m ready to see how it looks on the track,” Danny Dietrich said, a six-time winner in 2021. “I can’t thank Gary Kauffman enough for the opportunity to be a part of his program again in 2022. We have a lot of support…supporters who believe in us and believe in what we are trying to do. We have the potential and hunger to be competitive anywhere in the country. We’re going to do everything we can to get this season started with a bang.”

In addition to regularly scheduled programming in Central Pennsylvania, the Gettysburg, Pennsylvania-native plans to join the All Star Circuit of Champions on more than 30 occasions during his coming campaign, mixing in nearly 20 World of Outlaws starts in the process. As years prior, many of Dietrich’s rendezvous with America’s Series and the Greatest Show On Dirt will be in the heart of Pennsylvania Posse Country.

If all goes according to plan, Dietrich will participate in the entire Ohio Sprint Speedweek schedule, consisting of nine straight days of racing on June 10-18. Other All Star headliners on Dietrich’s agenda include Port Royal’s $29,000-to-win Weikert Memorial and $55,000-to-win Tuscarora 50, as well as Lernerville Speedway’s $25,000-to-win Silver Cup, Sharon Speedway’s $12,000-to-win Sharon Nationals, and Lincoln Speedway’s $20,000-to-win Dirt Classic.

World of Outlaws blockbusters on Dietrich’s slate include Lincoln Speedway’s Gettysburg Clash, Williams Grove Speedway’s Morgan Cup, Summer Nationals, and National Open, Eldora Speedway’s $100,000-to-win Historical Big One and $175,000-to-win Kings Royal, and Port Royal Speedway’s Nittany Showdown.

Dietrich’s Pennsylvania season will begin with Lincoln Speedway’s annual Icebreaker on Saturday, February 26

“We have about 99% of our schedule ready to go…a few dates here and there that we need to confirm, but all else is good,” Dietrich continued. “We’re ready to get the year rolling.”

2022 Gary Kauffman Racing Schedule:

4th – Senoia Raceway ASCOC
5th – Senoia Raceway ASCOC
8th – Volusia Speedway Park ASCOC
9th – Volusia Speedway Park ASCOC
10th – Volusia Speedway Park WoO
11th – Volusia Speedway Park WoO
12th – Volusia Speedway Park WoO
14th – East Bay Raceway Park ASCOC
15th – East Bay Raceway Park ASCOC
26th – Lincoln Speedway

5th – Lincoln Speedway
6th – Port Royal Speedway
12th – Lincoln Speedway
13th – Williams Grove Speedway
18th – Williams Grove Speedway
19th – Lincoln Speedway
25th – Williams Grove Speedway
26th – Port Royal Speedway
27th – Selinsgrove Speedway

1st – Williams Grove Speedway
2nd – Lincoln Speedway
8th – Williams Grove Speedway
9th – Lincoln Speedway
10th – BAPS Motor Speedway
15th – Williams Grove Speedway
16th – Lincoln Speedway
21st – Bloomsburg Fair Raceway ASCOC
22nd – Williams Grove Speedway ASCOC
23rd – Port Royal Speedway ASCOC
24th – Selinsgrove Speedway
29th – Williams Grove Speedway
30th – Lincoln Speedway

1st – BAPS Motor Speedway
6th – Williams Grove Speedway
7th – Lincoln Speedway
11th – Lincoln Speedway WoO
13th – Williams Grove Speedway WoO
14th – Williams Grove Speedway WoO
20th – Williams Grove Speedway
21st – Port Royal Speedway
22nd – Path Valley Speedway
26th – Selinsgrove Speedway
27th – Williams Grove Speedway ASCOC
28th – Port Royal Speedway ASCOC
29th – Port Royal Speedway ASCOC

2nd – BAPS Motor Speedway
3rd – Williams Grove Speedway
4th – Lincoln Speedway
7th – Big Diamond Speedway
10th – Attica Raceway Park ASCOC
11th – Fremont Speedway ASCOC
12th – Fremont Speedway ASCOC
13th – Wayne County Speedway ASCOC
14th – Sharon Speedway ASCOC
15th – Atomic Speedway ASCOC
16th – Waynesfield Raceway Park ASCOC
17th – Limaland Motorsports Park ASCOC
18th – Portsmouth Raceway Park ASCOC
24th – Williams Grove Speedway
25th – Lincoln Speedway
26th – BAPS Motor Speedway
27th – Lincoln Speedway
28th – Grandview Speedway
29th – Port Royal Speedway
30th – Hagerstown Speedway

1st – Williams Grove Speedway
2nd – Port Royal Speedway
3rd – Selinsgrove Speedway
6th – Lernerville Speedway ASCOC
8th – Williams Grove Speedway
9th – Lincoln Speedway
13th – Eldora Speedway WoO
14th – Eldora Speedway WoO
15th – Eldora Speedway WoO
16th – Eldora Speedway WoO
19th – Selinsgrove Speedway
20th – Port Royal Speedway WoO
22nd – Williams Grove Speedway WoO
23rd – Williams Grove Speedway WoO
29th – Williams Grove Speedway
30th – Port Royal Speedway


5th – Williams Grove Speedway
6th – Lincoln Speedway
12th – TBD
13th – TBD
19th – Outlaw Speedway ASCOC
20th – Utica Rome Speedway ASCOC
21st – Weedsport Speedway ASCOC
24th – Bloomsburg Fair Raceway ASCOC
26th – Williams Grove Speedway ASCOC
27th – Lincoln Speedway ASCOC

2nd – Sharon Speedway ASCOC
3rd – Sharon Speedway ASCOC
4th – Selinsgrove Speedway
5th – Port Royal Speedway
8th – Port Royal Speedway ASCOC
9th – Ports Royal Speedway ASCOC
10th – Port Royal Speedway ASCOC
15th – BAPS Motor Speedway
16th – Williams Grove Speedway ASCOC
17th – Lincoln Speedway ASCOC
23rd – Selinsgrove Speedway
24th – Selinsgrove Speedway
30th – Williams Grove Speedway WoO

1st – Williams Grove Speedway WoO
7th – Port Royal Speedway WoO
8th – Port Royal Speedway WoO
14th – Port Royal Speedway
15th – Lincoln Speedway
22nd – BAPS Motor Speedway

12th – BAPS Motor Speedway

Danny Dietrich and Gary Kauffman Racing would like to thank all of their current marketing partners including: Weikert’s Livestock, Sandoe’s Fruit Market, Pace Performance, Big Cove Whitetail Trophy Hunts, Drop Of Ink Tattoo, Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC, Self Made Racing, Racer’s New & Used Parts Warehouse, East Park Automotive Inc., RV 4 Wheel Drive & Performance Automotive Inc., Bollinger Construction, Blud Lubricants.



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2022 Gary Kauffman Racing Statistics:
Top-5s: N/A
Top-10s: N/A
Wins: N/A

2018 Wins: 10 (Lincoln Speedway: 3/10, 4/21, 6/30, 7/2, 7/14) (BAPS Motor Speedway: 4/8, 9/20) (Port Royal Speedway: 5/5, 7/7) (Williams Grove Speedway: 6/1)

2019 Wins: 15 (Lincoln Speedway: 3/16) (Williams Grove Speedway: 3/29) (BAPS Motor Speedway: 4/7) (Port Royal Speedway: 4/20) (Bridgeport Speedway [WoO]: 5/21) (Port Royal Speedway: 5/25) (Williams Grove Speedway: 5/31) (Weedsport Speedway [ASCoC]: 6/9) (Lincoln Speedway: 6/15) (Williams Grove Speedway: 6/21) (Orange County Fair Speedway [ASCoC]: 7/13) (Williams Grove Speedway: 7/19) (Lincoln Speedway: 8/17) (Williams Grove Speedway: 8/30) (BAPS Motor Speedway: 11/16)

2019 Championships: Williams Grove Speedway Track Championship, Central Pennsylvania Sprint Car Championship

2020 Wins: 13 (Lincoln Speedway Icebreaker – February 22) (Monarch Motor Speedway – All Stars – June 12) (Lincoln Speedway – Kevin Gobrecht Memorial – June 27) (Selinsgrove Speedway – Jan Opperman Memorial – June 28) (Williams Grove Speedway – July 31) (Lincoln Speedway – August 1) (Trail-Way Speedway – August 2) (Lincoln Speedway – Hank Gentzler Memorial- August 8) (Lincoln Speedway – August 22) (Grandview Speedway – All Stars – August 27) (Lincoln Speedway x2 – Bob Leiby Memorial – September 5) (Lincoln Speedway – Season Finale – October 17)

2020 Championships: Central Pennsylvania Sprint Car Championship

2021 Wins: 6 (Lincoln Speedway: 3/13) (Sharon Speedway | All Stars: 6/15) (Selinsgrove Speedway | 75th Anniversary Race: 7/20) (BAPS Motor Speedway | All Stars: 8/29) (Port Royal Speedway | Labor Day Classic: 9/6) (BAPS Motor Speedway: 9/16)

2021 Championships: Pennsylvania Sprint Speedweek

2022 Highlights: TBD

2022 Wins: TBD



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